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At JNS Systech Pvt Ltd, our management team consists of experienced professionals who bring a diverse range of expertise and leadership to the organization. They are committed to driving the company's vision, delivering exceptional IT solutions, and ensuring client satisfaction. Here are key members of our management team:

Mahesh Thakur

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of JNS Systech Pvt Ltd.

Mahesh Thakur is the Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of JNS Systech Pvt Ltd . He also served as the sales head of Houston Technologies Ltd, PC solution Pvt Ltd and many more.

Mahesh Thakur is well regarded in the technology community as a high-tech entrepreneur with a mission of nurturing and growing high-tech industry Mr. Thakur has extensive experience driving new technology from vision to reality. Over the years, he built a number of  start-ups in India, such as Saafair .The company grows to become the leading Industrial Wireless  solution provider in India .Being the leader in the industry, its products have been used by Fortune 100 companies in Robotics and large industries.

Mahesh Thakur graduated with an B.Sc. (Computer) degree from the HPU University of Shimla. He is also post graduated with MBA in specializing Marketing from MDU Rohtak HR.

Deepti Thakur

Director(HR) JNS Systech Pvt Ltd.

Deepti is well known face in Education Industry. She is graduated from Delhi university in Arts. She had got many accreditation in industry for their social work and charitable duties. She worked in many organisations with vision of woman empowerment.

Sales and Business Development Manager

The Sales and Business Development Manager leads the sales team and is responsible for acquiring new clients, building relationships with existing clients, and driving revenue growth. They identify business opportunities, develop sales strategies, and ensure the company meets its sales targets.

Project Delivery Manager

The Project Delivery Manager oversees the successful execution of client projects. They manage project timelines, resources, and budgets, ensuring that projects are delivered on time and within scope. They collaborate closely with clients, understand their requirements, and ensure high-quality project delivery.

IT Operations Manager

The IT Operations Manager is responsible for managing the company’s IT infrastructure and operations. They oversee network management, system administration, cybersecurity measures, and ensure that our internal IT systems are efficient and secure. They also manage vendor relationships and ensure IT services meet internal and client needs.

Human Resources Manager

The Human Resources Manager is responsible for managing the company’s human capital. They handle recruitment, talent acquisition, employee development, performance management, and ensure a positive work culture. They also implement HR policies and procedures to support employee well-being and organizational growth.

These are just a few key members of our management team, representing various areas of expertise within the company. At JNS Systech Pvt Ltd, our management team is dedicated to driving the company forward, fostering innovation, ensuring client satisfaction, and maintaining a high level of professionalism and integrity. Together, they form a strong leadership core that guides the company towards continued success.

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